Self locking dpdt/4pdt push button

I’ve scoured the internet the best I can and have been unable to find self locking push buttons. NKK and C&K have ones close to my needs but without being self locking, they’re unsuited for my needs. Piano like switches come close but I can’t mount them into my guitar as they’re not threaded. Anyone know of a manufacturer? I have a Big Al bass by Music Man that has the type I’m looking for though I’m not sure how many poles they have. After hours of searching, I feel like quitting but it seems like something that would exist for purchase. It’s possible that the Big Al uses piano switches and mounts them to their scratch plate but I’m not about to open up a collectors item to find out.

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I’ve never encountered the term “piano switch” before.

A quick Google search showed me both PCB mounted DIP switches and pushbutton switches for keyboards as “piano switches”.

From your written description what you are looking for is a push button switch that is push on/push off instead of momentary (what you call self locking).

Here’s a search that returns the in stock results for this push button switch type.

If none of those are similar to what you want, please post a picture of the type of switch you are looking for.

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Hello Happymedium,

I think I see your problem. You appear to have a rare bass guitar from the 1970s with a unique method of switching pickups. Instead of the traditional Fender style selector switch, the guitar has pushbuttons. These are tied together such that pushing any single pushbuttons will release the others. It’s a nice touch for a $2000 plus collectors item.

Sorry, I was unable to find anything remotely like what you are looking for. This appears to be like the stereos from that same era. Many had custom switch assemblies that are near impossible to find today. It’s ironic, but I find it easier to repair items from the 1940 than from the 1970s and 1980s.

My advice is to keep looking in the online auctions. It may take a few years but eventually you may find a donor guitar or one that has been taken apart for parts.

Best Wishes. Sorry I couldn’t help.


P.S. Have you looked for a guitar repair shop. There may be one out there that specializes in this type of repair.

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So they look kind of like accordian buttons, and yes, I’m calling them self locking because that was the terminology I found on one site. I’m pretty much given up because I don’t want a pickguard installed to support buttons that require front routing. Also, I’d need them to be 4pdt on one at least so I think unless I had a business agreement with at least around 1000 of them, they’d be extremely expensive.

The guitar shop said they got rid of their’s because nobody had used them in years. They were probably spdt or dpdt though which would help for two of the three I need, but I’d also like another that’s 4pdt. It’d be much easier to just get mini toggles, but they just aren’t as cool looking. I’m thinking of mailing a bunch of guitar manufacturers/parts dealers and see if they’ve ever seen them. I know that pickup makers are often friendly and get back when a person emails.

Haha, looks like my current 4p3t switch costs $40… Yeah, I’ll try NTE’s dual throw four pole as I prefer the flat actuator, and maybe All parts for the other two mini toggles

The bass I have that has these types of buttons looks like this:

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I wasn’t able to find anything exact but here’s another list of pushbutton switches that are SPDT, DPDT and 4PDT, maybe you can find an option that will work from this group of switches.