Alternative for Part Number TCM1-63AX

When searching for the part number TCM1-63AX in our system, there are no results shown on this part number. However, with the specifications below, we can find a possible alternative in our system:

Category: Audio Transformer
Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Frequency Range: 10 MHz ~ 6000 MHz
DC Resistance (DCR) - Primary: 50 Ohms
DC Resistance (DCR) - Secondary: 50 Ohms
Power Level: 0.2 W

With this information, I have found part number HM2383-ND to be the closest option in our system.

This has the same DC resistance of 50 ohms on the primary and secondary side. This also has the same primary to secondary ratio of 1:1. The main thing this part lacks to the original part above is the same frequency range and power level. The frequency range of this part is 300Hz ~ 50kHz compared to the 10 MHz ~ 6000 MHz. The power level of this part is 150mW which is different to the original of 200mW (0.2W). The other noticeable difference is the mounting type is through hole on this part compared to the original, which is surface mount.

If you would like a different selection, this link will take you to the options of what we have to offer: Audio Transformers.

The link below is what we have with something closer in frequency, but the frequency is much smaller than the original. These are also current sense transformers, so the application is different. The turns ratio for these are also very different. Please see the following:

These options have a frequency range of 20kHz ~ 1MHz and 50kHz ~ 1MHz.

Always use the manufacturer datasheets to verify the part specification will meet the needs of your application.