Old Bendix Radio Transformer

I have a bad transformer on my Bendix 526 radio. I want to keep the radio as original as possible but it’s old.The Power output for the speaker comes off a 50L6GT. The voice coil impedence appears to be 3.2.
The original transformer measures 1.5 wide x 1.25 tall x 1.25 thick. I don’t know if this old transformer has a comparable replacement, but I might get lucky if there’s brain out there with a deep knowledge base.

yes, and their parts list does not help much either. Click here

I considered that knowing the output of the tube and the fact that the 4" speaker is 3.2 ohm, that those specs may reap a match.

I glad just to find the tubes still avialable like the 50L6gt Click Here

I have boxes of them, lol I just need the transformer.