Recommendations Impedance Matching Transformer

I need to build a bunch of output impedance matching devices (almost exactly like the Shure product A95U). Does anyone know the transformer used in that product?

I need a 50 Ohm to 25k Ohm matching transformer.

Thanks in advance for any leads or model numbers

Memphismagnetic, We do not carry the Shure products, so we do not have any information on their components.
I was unable to locate a possible match for this application.

The 141F looks like it might be an option. Most products of a similar type should be found in the same product family, if you have flexibility and care to browse for other possibilities.

Almost certainly Shure is making their own transformer for the A95U 1/4" to XLR Line Matching Transformer (like the transformers in my Shure M68 mic mixer from 1979).

If sound quality is a consideration, make sure you match Shure’s audio specs.