Need help finding a suitable replacement for this transformer. See specs below

Electrical Data
PCB mount - through hole
Prim voltage:115V/60 hz
Sec voltage: 18 V~
Load current: 250 mA
Rated power: 4.5 VA
No-load Volt: 24.2V
Amb temp: 70C
Insul class: F
Mechanical data:
Pin Distance: 10
Pin Pitch:28
Pin dia: 0.8 x 0.6
Pin length:3.5-4.0

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Although I don’t see a replacement in our system at this time, We do have an alternative chassis mount option, part number 166E18 from Hammond Manufacturing that has an Input of 115V, Output of 18V @ 300mA 5.4VA. Please click on this link: 166E18 Hammond Manufacturing | Transformers | DigiKey and review the specifications.

Thank you!


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