Need Zettler Magnetics amxc-441 transformer

I have a Zettler Magnetics AMXC-441 transformer with a burned out primary.
This is a dual primary transformer (for 115 or 230V) with a 10V, 2A secondary. It PCB mounts through-hole with 8 pins. Searching for the model number on Digikey gave 0 results.
Can anyone help?
Greg B


The Zettler site hints that this may have been a custom item; as such it’s unlikely to be listed/available as a standard product, and an available standard product that’s functionally identical may not be available.

It’s possible that something “close enough” may exist among the power transformers however. I’d pare down the available options by selecting things like mounting type and ballpark VA rating to start.

Looks like you had trouble with this transformer on a Balboa Hot Tub board? Same here. How did you determine the primary was burned? Did you happen to find a replacement/solution? How were you able to remove the transformer from the circuit board - it seems like it is glued on in addition to the 2 bolts?