Help with finding a transformer

I need a replacement for a malfunctioning transformer in a Cuisinart FP14 Food Processor.

The transformer is 120V to 12V x2 center tapped, through hole, class B.
This are the details stamped on top of it:

Class 2 transformer

If there is no center tapped secondary output, then i can try use 4 legs output and shortcut the two middle legs.

I added pictuers and measurments of its size.

Thank you.


I do not show that we would have one that matches your exact pin out, which may cause an issue for you. Here is a link to some possible options that are similar to what you need.

Thanks, Bobby

I dont know why you say that when there are better options on your site.
Like this one:

Taken from this page:

I was asking for a 120V to 12V x2 , through hole and what i get from you is something else.


That was my mistake, as the ones I gave were a single and not a dual secondary winding, when I only selected single on the secondary winding it limited the number of results I gave.

The only thing that that i’m not sure about, is the power of the transformer as there is no indication on the transformer itself.
So i can only make an assumption on its power since it powers the electronic control of the food processor.
I’ll have to order one or two and try it out.
Or maybe there is a way to assess how much power the transformer needs to supply.
Currently my way to assess is using its physical size and choose one with similar size but with as much power i can get in this size.
As i said i’m just a hobbyist and not an expert.
I don’t mind ordering and if it wont have enough power, then order again.