Tittade på lite olika transformatorer för att få ihop ersättning för en gammal transformator som gett upp.
Behöver olika volter men hur jag kan plocka ihop detta på lämpligt sätt?
6,8 vac
51,4 vac
16 vac
13,3 vac
9 vac
9,8 vac
18 vac och 12 vac unregulated

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Can you provide the original part number for a datasheet for it that we can use as reference.

Hi ubbla.mail,

I would expect that to be a custom (bespoke) transformer made for, or by, the pinball machine manufacturer rather than a standard product. You might check with companies who specialize in repair parts for them.

Here are some places to look:

Yes it is. But they are obsolete and very hard to find used ones. But often is is one voltage that goes bad. 5/12 volt is no problem to find but for exemple the 43 volts for coils not sure what I can replace with. So what I looking for is transformers that can replace the different voltages.
The high voltages is also not needed since there is low voltage ”dmd’s” with leds that can use on 5 or 12 volts.

Well, all we can offer would be for you to use individual transformers for each required voltage rather than just one which gives you all of the outputs you need. If you can use separate transformers for each output you need, then you may find something suitable. To begin your search, go to the Power Transformers category.

Check the “In Stock” box and then filter the “Voltage - Primary” for those which are designed to handle your input voltage level (for Sweden, I presume those rated between 220Vac and 240Vac would likely work). Note that many transformers are designed to handle a range of input voltages, depending on how they are connected to the power source.


Then you can filter the “Voltage - Secondary (Full Load)” for values near the values you need. Note that there may not be one rated for exactly the value you seek, but if it’s within a few volts, that may be sufficient. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for us to know how close is close enough. Also note that the secondary voltage is rated at full load, which means that if your load is drawing the maximum current it is rated for, the voltage will be very close to that value. If you draw less current, the voltage will tend to rise somewhat due to the non-ideal characteristics of a real transformer, as opposed a theoretical ideal transformer. Also note that some transformers’ outputs can be configured in series or parallel, depending on how you wire them, which allows one to set the output to one of two values. You should scroll through the entire list of values to select all possible options.


Next, you would need to have some idea how much current each of your loads would draw, and select transformers which are rated for somewhere near, but not below that value. For example, if you believe your maximum load for the 43 Vac supply was 500mA, you would want to have these selected.


Finally, you should look at the physical form-factor and specifications of each of the remaining parts, which would include reading their respective datasheets, to see if one might be suitable for your application.