Help needed to replace a Planar Transformed Circuit

Hi guys,
I need urgent need to remove a Planar Transformer Circut due to a Shorted out pin as you can see at the attached photo. I’ve unsoldered the 12 pins but I couldn’t get the Planar Transformer Core out from the Circuit Borad as it is strongly stucked. I’ve throughly searched on internet without any success. Any advice, comment or technique is welcomed. Thanks.

It’s an assembly specifically designed not to come apart. Even if you could separate them, it’s uncertain that you could properly re-assemble, since such devices have been known to use specialized adhesives loaded with glass beads milled to a specific size, in order to define a bond gap width and thus the inductive properties of the assembled core.

That said, heat and chemical action are the two usual go-tos for disadhesion. Chemical’s probably out, since whatever would be active enough to attack the bonding agent for the core would also likely attack the PCB.

Warming up the core a bit, supporting one half as close to the bond line as possible and applying a sharp impact to the other half through a similar tool so as to place the bond in shear might be the best bet. Probably in a left-right direction as pictured.


Hi David,
Thanks for your advice and wise comment. Then

I’ve just released the Transformer by carefully pryiing out while applying isopropyl alcohol. Then a few minutes waiting and component will easily be unbonded. Fully successful technique with no damage to the Circuit Board and Planar Transformer too. I hope the photos helps everybody when dealing with similar problems. Thanks again for your comments.