Alternative for Y3F-SS-106DM

Hi Team,

I’m very green, so apologies if my question is stupid.

I’m trying to track down an alternative to the YuanZe Electric Y3F-SS-106DM 4 pin relay.

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 1.54.31 pm

If anyone can provide any assistance at all it would be greatly appreciated.



I’m not finding much in the way of documentation for that part number, but from the image it would appear to be of a PC pin mounting type, and given the mention of having 4 such pins, would most likely be an SPST form of some type. What we have on hand meeting those criteria can be found here. If you know the required coil voltage you can use that to narrow the list further, and from there it’s often a matter of looking at datasheets to find something with a similar footprint, if you’re looking for a replacement/repair part.

From a datasheet found online, it looks like a 6V SPST normally open (Form A) relay.


image image

It looks like the Panasonic JS1AF-B-6V-F has the same pin spacing and function, though the body is 22mm long vs. 19.6mm for your relay. If that extra length won’t work for you, then we have a few 5V coil voltage parts here that would probable still work.

Thanks Team. I’ll grab some and see how it goes. Appreciate the help!