Alternative LDT565630T

Alternative for “T1” TDK LDT565630T-041 for part LT3585-3

Hello chrisnet123 - welcome to the Forum community. I’m sorry we do not have an alternative to offer for LDT565630T-041. Are you looking for an alternate for LT3585-3 as well? We do have this part in stock, The DigiKey part number is 505-LT3585EDDB-3#TRPBFCT-ND

That would be fine but it uses the same transformer TDK LDT565630T-041 So I would be back to the same issue

These are a couple of transformers on hand that seem to be in a similar ballpark that might be worth a look.

Considering that the original target application has faded from popularity, one might expect that products supporting it may follow suit. In a pinch, there’s still the option of winding one’s own or going to a custom shop.