Alternative option for JAE TX1/TX3 connectors

The JAE type TX1/TX3 connectors are obsolete. For an alternative option with the same pitch and row spacing, we have the HIF6 series from Hirose. Changing to this series would require changing both the ribbon cable connector and the male header on the board.

For comparison, HIF6 (on top) and TX1 (on bottom).


For the HIF6 series headers see the options here
For the HIF6 series sockets see the options here

Affected parts

20 way TX3-20P-D2ST-LH1
26 way TX3-26P-D2ST-LH1
30 way TX3-30P-D2ST-LH1
34 way TX3-34P-D2ST-LH1
40 way TX3-40P-D2ST-LH1
50 way TX3-50P-D2ST-LH1
60 way TX3-60P-D2ST-LH1
68 way TX3-68P-D2ST-LH1
80 way TX3-80P-D2ST-LH1

20 way TX3-20P-D2LT-LH1
26 way TX3-26P-D2LT-LH1
30 way TX3-30P-D2LT-LH1
34 way TX3-34P-D2LT-LH1
40 way TX3-40P-D2LT-LH1
50 way TX3-50P-D2LT-LH1
60 way TX3-60P-D2LT-LH1
68 way TX3-68P-D2LT-LH1
80 way TX3-80P-D2LT-LH1

20 way TX1-SR20
26 way TX1-SR26
30 way TX1-SR30
34 way TX1-SR34
40 way TX1-SR40
50 way TX1-SR50
60 way TX1-SR60
68 way TX1-SR68
80 way TX1-SR80

20 way TX1-20S-D2P1-1D
26 way TX1-26S-D2P1-1D
30 way TX1-30S-D2P1-1D
34 way TX1-34S-D2P1-1D
40 way TX1-40S-D2P1-1D
50 way TX1-50S-D2P1-1D
60 way TX1-60S-D2P1-1D
68 way TX1-68S-D2P1-1D
80 way TX1-80S-D2P1-1D