Alternatives to this **obsolete** part DMN5L06DMKDICT-ND as MOSFET 2N-CH 50V

Yes, we could help offering our customers one of these two alternatives for this obsolete part DMN5L06DMK-7 as MOSFET 2N-CH 50V 0.305A SOT-26 from
Diodes Incorporated with
UM6K34NTCN or UM6K33NTN as similar MOSFET 2N-CH 50V 0.2A UMT6 from our supplier Rohm Semiconductor.

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.