Alternative part vs part number DMC4040SSD-13TR-ND could only be 31-DMHC4035LSDQ-13TR-ND

we could only help with this alternative part for our customers vs part number DMC4040SSD-13TR-ND / DMC4040SSD-13 as MOSFET N/P-CH 40V 6.8A 8SO from Diodes Incorporated that they have ordered with long leadtime when they need parts ASAP: 31-DMHC4035LSDQ-13TR-ND – Tape & Reel (TR) DMHC4035LSD Q -13 as similar MOSFET BVDSS: 31V 40V 4.5A (Ta), 3.7A (Ta) in SO-8 as fully Automotive, AEC-Q101 qualified version from Diodes as well.

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