Need Help Identifying Complementary Power MOSFET

Hi everyone, I’m looking if anyone has any idea about what I think is a Complementary Power MOSFET I’ve searched the markings but nothing even close comes up. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello terminus,

Do you have any additional information about the device? What is the application? Are schematics available?

The closest part I have found is this device. I have near zero confidence that this is the part you need. However, it may be a clue that you of others may use to locate a suitable replacement.

Kindly keep us updated with your project status. I am very curious how this problem is solved.

Best Wishes,


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Thanks for the help APDahlen! The application is for controlling a servo, I’m unable to find the schematic for it sadly but I did find a spec sheet for the servo that may be helpful. Worst case scenario I’ll just buy another one I just prefer to repair things instead of just trashing them when possible.

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Understood, terminus.

Perhaps you could place the servo on a shelf and try the MOSFET replacement in the future.

Sorry I couldn’t provide better assistance.



I asked the manufacturer of the servo and they sent me this.

With this info I searched the digikey database and found this

What do you think? Seems like it could be a match but let me know if you are able to find a better one when you get a chance!

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That DMC4029SK4-13 is a mosfet array with a N and P channel configuration. I was not able to determine the exact mosfet based on the info given above but in regards to the single FET mosfets we don’t have many options at all in the package case of TO-252-5.

When it comes to mosfet arrays we look to have a few options in that package case DMC4029SK4-13 being one of them.

Based on the options found DMC4029SK4-13 might be a good enough substitute but there is no way to tell for certain. It is the only part with the 4029 digits in the part number if you want to go by that.
Sorry I don’t have more info for you.

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Hmmm, that was a rather terse reply from them.

I agree that the DMC4029SK4-13 seems to be a likely match. It’s a complementary MOSFET pair with the right package, and the “C04” portion of the marking on your part is typical of 40V complementary MOSFETs. However, the part marking is not the same, as shown in the DMC4029SK4 datasheet (see below).


It’s possible that their part is a privately labeled version of the same part, or that it comes from some other unidentified manufacturer as a clone of the DMC4029SK4. Hard to say. In any case, if you’re just trying to revive something rather than throw it away, it seems like the DMC4029SK4 is a reasonable option to try.

As an FYI, here are all of the complementary N/P channel parts in stock today that are of the same package type and rated for at least 40V.