Esc replacement mosfet varification please

hi i have a hobbyking redbrick esc that blew a couple mosfets i want to replace but the fairchild ones are not in stock and im pretty confident i found the correct replacement but i need someone to make sure im correct to assume i am correct

ones currently onboard

ones i think will work to replace with

thankyou to anyone taking time to respond


Those two devices appear quite similar in their characteristics, and could plausibly serve as alternatives to each other in many applications. That said, it’s not possible to guarantee that it would be a suitable substitution in your particular case, since applications differ.

Note that failure of on device in a circuit commonly precipitates failures elsewhere, and that simply replacing the FETs in your device may not result in a successful repair.

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The first one is rated for 94A(tc) 80W(tc), and the second one is rated for 85A(tc) 100W(tc). It will work if you can use one rated for a lower amperage level. A closer option would be IRFR8314TRPBFCT-ND, which is rated for 90A(tc) and 125W(tc). If you need the same or higher rating of 94A(tc), the best option would be TSM038N04LCPROGCT-ND. This one can handle up to 40V, 135A(tc), and 125W(tc).

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See this post for an explanation of what current ratings actually mean in the context of FETs . In cases such as this, that meaning can be quite different than what one might expect.

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Hi Rick thanks for the quick reply. See here for what im dealing with in Chinese construction
I have already separated the offending board from the esc and it still runs in free air I just don’t want to put my boat back into water without the third board of mosfets reinstalled as my lipo moniter returns a draw of 76.4a off of my packs. But I can apply pressure to the prop shaft and it still works with out studdering
I have some really long header pins and heat sinks from my pi’s that im going to add between layers.

Im pretty sure China sands the top of the mosfets to hide the part numbers so they can’t be reverse engineered and I think they took too much off the one board and that’s why it fried

But seeing as mosfets are so cheap I figured I’d attemp to repair befor replace all else fails I have extra parts for my parts bins.

Thanks David I’ll look through thoes data sheets and then make my desision