N e mosfet help

I have n e mosfet reading i am getting is C=10.9 nf and vt=1.9v and vf =531mv. I am looking for replacement part for this mosfet.

Hello Kumar123.

Do you have the part number of the mosfet you are trying to replace?

I don’t have the part number.

What is the package style on this one? Got a photo of the unit you are testing?

Mosfet came of the utv circuitbord.

To check for a possible alternate for the Mosfet, we will need to know if it’s an N-Channel or P-Channel, and what the voltage and current ratings are. Also, we need the pin location, or pinout. I could not see any markings from the part in the picture. Are there any markings on the part?

Hi Kumar123,

It’s going to be very difficult to figure this out with what you’ve given us, but it looks like it is a TO-220 package.

I haven’t seen a tester like that, but from what I can gather from what is shown on the display, you have an N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET with pinout 1, 2, 3 of Ground, Drain, and Source, respectively. The threshold voltage is 1.9V for some level of drain current defined by the tester. I’m not sure what “Uf” refers to, so the 531mV spec is not clear to me. Also, I would assume that it is showing the input capacitance, but don’t really know for sure. The input capacitance will vary depending in the Voltage applied across Vds, so it would be useful to know what voltage the testor applies to Vds to calculate this spec. You should read the manual of your tester to find the test conditions it uses to determine the values it shows.

Important basic things we are missing include the maximum Drain to Source voltage (Vds) it can withstand and the drain to source resistance (rds-on) with either 4.5V or 10V applied to the gate.

If you knew what the maximum Vds voltage the MOSFET sees in your circuit is, we could just go far enough above that to be safe. That would be a starting point. Other factors like switching speed, gate charge, rds-on, current rating, etc. will affect how well, if at all, it operates, but we need to start with the Vds voltage.