Am I missing something?

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I have 2 new units of FSP-FC210 and both of them are having the same problem, I can’t power them up. I have connected the power cables into the CRPS but the LED lights do not come on. I must admit, this is the first time I am using it, please advise if I have missed out something or these 2 units are DOA ?

Hi @billee ,

This is strange. The supplier does not provide much any useful data on their webpage. The datasheet contains merely some mechanical drawings. Did you receive any paper or on-CDROM documentation along with the product?

A strict utilitarian would claim that you do not see the LED going ON at a typical lab elevation, because the datasheet says that “Design for 5000 Meter above sea level”. However, instead of that pun, I’d say the unit requires some communication over the PMbus in order to turn the output(s) and the LED ON.

If you did not receive any documentation, it may be the best to contact the maker or DigiKey product specialists directly.

Cheers, heke

Sorry, my bad … The two modules (CRPS) are OK. One of the 2 housings (PDB) is bad, I found out after some thorough testing.

What I did was to remove the two modules (CRPS) from another system and plug into the defective housing (PDB), and that, obviously would not work. After I plug in the two modules (CRPS) into another working housing (PDB), connected the power cables, switch them on, the power LEDs came on.

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