Led module SL-B8R5C9H2AWW supplied by ELGC-300-L-AB

Dear community

My grow-light is composed with 12 led module Samsung SL-B8R5C9H2AWW, each strip works at Vf 43.1V and If 1200mA.
Therefore I order 3 meanweel driver ELGC-300-L-AB which is operating at maximum 240V and current range 650mA~2000mA.

Therefore 1 driver might able to easily supply a set of 4 led module in serie. However only 3 we’re lighting up.
I try each one separately, they works.
I try many different led module order, each time the 3rd stay dark.
Is there anyone which understands the defect ?


If one element in a series-connected string is not illuminating, the most likely explanation is a wiring error. Look carefully for accidental short circuits, unintended wiring connections, and similar problems.

Dear Rick, I carefully check several time, wiring in serie is really simple, I didn’t make any mistake.
If a string would be wrongly connected, the circuit might be open and then no one might be lighting up, isn’t it ?
Each time, string 1,2 and 4 were lighting up and the string 3 off.
I don’t know why

Look for something that might cause current to be routed around that device, instead of through it. It’s most likely a connection that you didn’t intend to make.

A short circuit of some kind is needed if only one device in a series-connected string does not light while the others do. If you have moved the modules and the device in the #3 position always stays dark (rather than one specific strip being dark) then you’ve shown that this short circuit exists outside the module, rather than within the module itself.