LED strand cut in 5, attached in series, only 3 work!

1 meter LED single color strand, cut in 5 equal lengths on copper elements. Attached in series using standard connectors. 48 watts needed, driver supplies 60. Only strands 1,2, and 5 work.

Switched driver. Switched connectors. Cut strands on different copper elements. Nothing makes 2, 3 work.

I’m doing something wrong. What could it be? Thanks for any help.

Check for mistaken/accidental connections. Non-illuminance of only some members of a series-connected string is an indication that there is a short circuit allowing current to bypass those that are dark, rather than flowing through.

If so, could a short circuit have killed that section for good?
I cut it in 4 separate sub-sections (on copper elements.) None work. Yet these are all part of a 1 meter roll, from which other 22 inch sections work.

Hello @Charlesandme
Do you have a part number for the LEDs you are using. Just wanting to take a look at the datasheet and see if there is any indication on what could be the issue.

Thanks for responding.
LED Type:SMD3528 120LEDs/m Voltage:DC12V Power:9.6W/m 48W/roll Size:W8*L5000MM/roll
Hope it helps.

Hello @Charlesandme

Unfortunately with that description I found multiple options but nothing that could definitively give me a schematic that shows 5 strands. Without a schematic it is a shot in the dark on testing the strips or knowing if something was hooked up wrong and damaged the LEDs. If you have a manufacturer name and part number I could try to look further.

Thank You

Found what happened. 2 strands were attached right to left, the others left to right. Polarity reversed. Feel silly not noticing. When cutting the meter length in 5, helper stood facing me, and set them up the other way.

As you pointed out, something was hooked up wrong. Luckily the LEDs aren’t damaged. Thank you for good sense.

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