WS2812b LEDs

Hello I was curious if anyone could answer this question for me. So I have a strip of WS2812b LEDs and when I hook up 5v to it through my adjustable power supply, the current goes up as well even though I have nothing hooked up to the data wire. Does this mean there is a short in the strand, if so how do I fix it?


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Do you have the Digi-Key part number you are referring to?

No I do not, I just know you guys sell the WS2812b LEDs and that you know information about them.

Hi Electriccoast,

How much current are you measuring, and how many WS2812B’s you are powering?

They do not seem to show this spec in the datasheets I have come across, so we wouldn’t have a documented answer for you. However, one online source claimed he measured them to draw about 1mA per unit when “Off” (so sum that for as many as you have in your strip). This seems a reasonable value, considering that it would almost certainly have an internal oscillator running continuously.

Also, even though many integrated circuits with running oscillators draw far less than that, the designers of such a part as this probably did not place a high value on low standby current, considering the whole device would often be drawing somewhere between 20mA and 60mA during operation.

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