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Will this LED strip work with the RAC05-12SK/277/W power supply?

We have Constant Voltage LED strips that have an input voltage of 12VDC, the issue would be determining how many segments you can run off a power supply that can drive 416mA (around 5 Watts)

Here’s some LED strips that use a constant input voltage of 12V, they often tell you what wattage they run off per foot or per meter, you’ll have to calculate how many segments you can drive with 416mA.
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Sorry I’m ignorant about this stuff – I’m building clocks and I need lighting around the dial. About 20 inches circumference. The clock motor is 110vAC so I want to steal power from it.
It looks like the 69-28WW-02 is about 3 feet long and draws 5.25 watts. If I cut it down to 20" the RAC05-12SK/277/W should power it. Yes?

Hi santa,

If I’m reading the documentation correctly, that LED strip is 0.5m long, which works out to about 19.7 inches. Therefore, it will attempt to draw the full 5.25W.


The RAC05-12SK/277/W is rated for 5W, so the strip is technically over the limit. Chances are it would work, but if you want it to last for a while, you probably should go with one rated for higher power. For example, the RAC20-12SK/W is rated for 20W and would handle it easily.

Another option would be the APV-8-12. It’s a constant voltage 12V LED driver rated for 8W, so it will also handle the load easily.

You’re right… It does say .5 meters. My bad.
I can get by with 17" so I can cut a few LEDs and get away with the smaller supply.
Thanks for your help…
Santa Dave

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