Single CCFL Inverter board

I have this CCFL inverter Board here for a monitor and it starts the CCFL then keeps flashing. I’m thinking it’s the ic. Any help would be greatful thanks.

Hi Rodney,

IC chips aren’t usually cause for failure. This may be a CCFL issue and the bulb would need to be replaced. However it is easier to troubleshoot the board first. The solders on this board look sub-par. They look like cold solder joints, especially on transistor Q8, and the part itself almost looks cracked or damaged.

Use a flashlight and shine from directly beneath the board making sure there are no black spots on the PCB indicating excess heat (on both sides). Inspect all solder welds for broken or cold solder joints. parts, possible debris/liquids etc. as even excess flux across pins can make a board not function.

Use a multimeter to test diodes and resistors & capacitors.

Ok I will check those, but I found a replacement board and the CCFL is working with ease.

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