AM335x board does not see SD card


This is the same board as in AM335x board starts kernel from SD card but uses distro from eMMC. That problem has been fixed by setting vmmc-supply to vmmcsd_fixed.
But there is another problem with SD card when booting from the internal eMMC, I copied the relevant lines from dmesg output:

[    1.066114] omap_hsmmc 48060000.mmc: Got CD GPIO
[    1.101295] omap_hsmmc 48060000.mmc: no support for card's volts
[    1.101313] mmc0: error -22 whilst initialising SD card

And there is no /dev/mmc0blk device when the system boots.
How can I fix the error?

“no support for card’s volts”…

Fix your Device Tree and TPS* setting…


I’m sorry, that was a dumb mistake from me. vmmc-supply entry for SD card device got deleted during different experiments.

Could you please delete this topic? It presents no value to other forum users, I think.