Amphenol Advanced Sensors' Dust/Air Quality Development Kit


This TechForum page is dedicated to your questions regarding any of the following Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ Dust Sensor / Kits:

Development kits:
AAS-AQS-UNO (235-1461-ND) – includes USB cable, Arduino with preloaded code, OLED screen, shield, and dust sensor
AAS-AQS-UNO-RH-CO2 (235-1462-ND) – Same kit above, but includes CO2 sensor module, and Humidity & Temp Sensor

Standalone Sensor Components
Dust Sensor: SM-PWM-01C (235-1443-ND)
Humidty & Temp Sensor: T9602-3-D-1 (235-1377-ND)
CO2 Sensor Module: T6713-6H (235-1466-ND)

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