Amphenol Advanced Sensors' Dust/Air Quality Development Kit

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Development kits:
AAS-AQS-UNO (235-1461-ND) – includes USB cable, Arduino with preloaded code, OLED screen, shield, and dust sensor
AAS-AQS-UNO-RH-CO2 (235-1462-ND) – Same kit above, but includes CO2 sensor module, and Humidity & Temp Sensor

Standalone Sensor Components
Dust Sensor: SM-PWM-01C (235-1443-ND)
Humidty & Temp Sensor: T9602-3-D-1 (235-1377-ND)
CO2 Sensor Module: T6713-6H (235-1466-ND)

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I have a SM-PWM-01C only. I was testing the P1 and P2 signals with an oscilloscope. However, I’m not getting a PWM output wave, I’m getting a sinusoidal wave that resembles more of a noise signal. Am I missing something about the device?

Powered with 5V, signal show ~3V sine wave of varying wavelengths. Also tried with the tape to cover the cleaning hole and held device in vertical orientation as described in app notes.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @nathan_wold! Can you provide the wiring diagram of 01C and the signal figure of the oscilloscope? According to Amphenol’s engineer, 01C seems to have the abnormal 3V output - it should be an output of 5V PWM signal.

Hello Lindsay,

Thanks for your reply. I hope the attachment is sufficient. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see.

To elaborate on setup.

5VDC from power source connected to voltage input pin. I connected ground from power supply and ground from oscilloscope probe to ground pin on board. Connected oscilloscope probe to P1 pin.

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(Attachment Amphenol Smart Dust Sensor Schematic.docx is missing)

Our product specialist spoke with Amphenol, sounds like something is wrong with 01C and would like to check the part for evaluation. If you’d like to have this done, please get in touch with customer service to issue a RFE (Return for Failure Evaluation). You can pass along technical reference # T3879741 as well as my name (Lindsay Foy) and extension (1029) if the customer service rep has any questions.