Amphenol MIL-DTL-38999 connectors

To whom it may concern,

I intend to use the D38999/20FD18PN and its mating connector D38999/26FD18SN (both are MIL-DTL-38999 connectors) in my application. I have the following questions about the connectors:

  1. Assume that I placed an order for the aforementioned connectors. I would like to know the accessories (contacts, tools…etc) that come with the connectors in the same package? For example: does the contacts come with the connectors or should I place a separate order for the contacts?

  2. Beside the contacts, insertion/removal tools and crimping tool, what other parts (Backshells, heat shrink, cable boot……etc) should I purchase/need to successfully integrate the aforementioned connectors in my system?



These numbers come up a few different times. Could you give me the DigiKey part numbers you are looking at? Thanks.

Hi Karl,

These are the DigiKey part numbers:

  1. AD38999/20FD18PN-ND
  2. AD38999/20FB2PN-ND


These are kit connector part numbers, that means that all the contacts, insertion/extraction tool and protection caps come with it in the same bag. You don’t need to place a separate order for the contacts. Basically, you receive all this below in a bag (same for socket connector, but we do not have a picture of that one.


Backshells, heat shrink tubing and cable boot, are not included in the kit, and will be necessary depending on your needs.

Both only come with contacts, insertion/removal tool and dust protection cap.

I believe the crimp tool will be 7078043 turret head and hand tool 615708.

For the crimping tools, we don’t know the numbers that you have but this is the list that we offer in the website. You need to choose the row according to your cable size (Size 20 in this case):

Thank you Karl.