Hello, I need to know that does D38999/26WD19SN-ND involve backshell and crimp pin? If we order this part, will we receive backshell and crimp pin in the package of this part?

Hello Sema,

There seems to be no backshell for this connector but it does come with contacts. There are protective covers for it D38999/32W15N and D38999/32W15R but I could not locate any backshells.

If you need the tooling for this connector check out the associated extraction and insertion tools here and crimp heads and die sets.

Hope that helps. Tech# T4545540.

Hi @sema ,

Please review these backshells and cable clamps datasheet specifications to see which ones will work for your application. Click here for other color options depending if you prefer another style or color, although it is recommended to stay within the same color scheme (olive drab).

There are also a couple extra crimp tools/accessories listed to look over, but they are currently from our Marketplace product not direct from Digi-Key:
Turret Head:
Standard Adjustable Indent (Crimper) Tool

-I am also double checking on the pricing of some of these Marketplace products, and will update them if they are incorrect.