Amphenol tems sensor PT1000

Do you supply Amphenol PT1000 temp sensors. The Amphenol part number is C210006862

Hello Wayne,

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I did not find much in regards to the part number you gave.
There are some temp probes with PT1000 element type but I’m not seeing that we carry this specific of series and I’m not finding anything PT1000 from Amphenol. Do you have any more info on this?

There are some PT1000 temp probes and related products in link below for reference.


Like Irfan, I didn’t find any info on your part number. However, as I understand it, “PT1000” generally refers to RTD type platinum temperature sensors with a resistance of 1000 Ohms at 0°C, but it does not refer to any particular form-factor.

Assuming that is correct, here’s a link to a number of 1000 Ohm platinum based RTD’s we carry.