Amplifier for photodiode


I am using Arduino to build infrared spectroscopy to measure the concentration of a compound in a solution. I have purchased the IR LED and IR photodiode (please see the links below). I am planning to add an amplifier for the photodiode, but I am not sure which one to choose. Could you please give me some advice? Thank you.

IR LED: MTE0013-525-IR Marktech Optoelectronics | Optoelectronics | DigiKey
IR photodiode: MTPD1346D-100 Marktech Optoelectronics | Sensors, Transducers | DigiKey

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This is a huge topic that would require far more extensive knowledge of your specific application for me to make any particular component recommendation. In the past I’ve used everything from inexpensive LM324 Op-Amps through very expensive Op-Amps in different photodiode amplifier designs.

You may need to try many designs with various Op-Amps before you hit the right combination of price and performance over your environmental conditions.

Here’s a few references that should help get you started.

I’d also suggest Analog’s photodiode wizard as a handy resource.