Need assistance in finding LED lens


I am looking for some assistance to picking out a LED lens for an LED that I am using for a MVP that I am building. Here is the current LED:

I am looking to get a lens that can focus the beam to less then 10 deg viewing angle.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I am looking for a short list of 3 or so possible solutions.

Please let me know.


I don’t recall ever seeing secondary optics offered for small IR photosensors of the sort mentioned. If the intent is simply to minimize interference from off-axis sources, placing the sensor behind a small aperture may be a workaround.

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Hello philm001,

The LTR 309 device you selected has a 40-degree viewing angle. You may want to experiment with other 940NM devices such as the LTR 209 which has a 16-degree viewing angle. It’s not the same physical case but it may meet your needs.

Shifting to surface mount provides the 10-degree solution you were seeking using part number:

Finally, you may want to consider upgrading your emitter for narrow beam operation. If you shift away from 940NM you may be able to find a high-performance emitter and receiver pair.

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P.S. Your cell phone may be able to see an IR beam provided it is on and steady. If you hold the phone’s camera on top of the emitter you may just be able to see purple indicating the at IR signal is present.