Analog Devices ADCLK846BCPZ Package Case Size

For the Analog Devices part: ADCLK846BCPZ
On the Digi-Key website, it stated that the Supplier Device Package is: 24-LFCSP-VQ (4x4)

However, its datasheet (revC) stated that it’s a 24 pin LFCSP package part (without the VQ, Very Thin Quad). Please clarify, since they are not the same footprint parts.

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum KinChan.
Both these packages appear to have the same footprint, when you compare the pin spacing and package size.
I checked the datasheet, and they do not mention the VQ in the package.
I sent the concern to the department that maintains the information on our products, and hopefully this gets corrected shortly.
Thank you for pointing out this error.


Not 100% the revB (with -VQ) one pin size is 0.6 x 0.23, but the rev C (without -VQ) one is 0.4 x 0.25. The physical part height is different too.

The -VQ one was mentioned in the revB datasheet from Analog Devices and on the Digi-Key website.

We ordered this part from Digit-Key, and I like to make sure that it’s the revC parts. Attached both datasheets FYI.



Analog_Devices-ADCLK846BCPZ-datasheet_revB.pdf (413 KB)

ADCLK846_revC.pdf (492 KB)

The 0.6 dimension in the second drawing is for the chamfer on the package corners. Both packages have a pad length that is 0.4 nominal with a max/min range of 0.3 to 0.5.

Good catch about the pin length and thanks for pointing it out. Please note that each pin width is still off by (0.25 - 0.23) = 0.02

Please answer a couple of questions to close this case:

  1. Are you selling the ADCLK846 rev C or rev B parts*?
    *Confusion on your product webpage: The description table stated that it’s a -VQ (rev B) part, but the posted specs sheet is for the rev C (non-VQ) part.

  2. Are you and Digi-Key suggesting that those parts (ADCLK846 rev C and B) are pins compatible and can be used as drop-in-replacement to each other?


These parts appear to be the Non-VQ parts, and I have requested to get it verified and corrected on our website. So with your drawings, that Rev B is the VQ, and Rev C is the Non-VQ, then these will be the Rev C.
As for a drop-in replacement, you would have to compare the pinouts to be sure. But for the pin spacing and chip size, they should solder onto the same pad layout.

Like everything in engineering, it depends on the specific application.

The maximum width dimension is the same for both parts, 0.3mm, so it’s only the nominal and minimum dimensions that have a difference, and the difference is only 0.02mm. I’ve never designed a PCB that would have a problem in production if I design for the wider variation and the parts were produced with less variation components.

I’ve never even worked with a PCB manufacturer that can reliably produce boards with an accuracy of better than 1mil / (0.001" / 0.0254mm / one third the diameter of a human hair), the ones I’ve used have allowed variation of +/-2mil / 0.0508mm.

However I’ve never designed a PCB for a product like an iPhone so I’m unsure if incredibly tight accuracy is required with those types of PCB assembly (high speed robots). So I recommend you consult with the manufacturing engineers responsible for the specific assembly process being used.

Thanks. So the answers are: 1. You’re selling the rev C version, and 2. It depends.