Small-Footprint and Low-Power Quad Channels Digital Isolators


I am looking for a part(s) that fit or can match the fit.

  1. 4242-VPK Small-Footprint and Low-Power Quad Channels Digital Isolators, DBQ0016A Texas Instruments ISO7140CCDBQ DBQ0016A
  2. SM72485MM


P.S. I see digikey eu has them but I am looking for them in the US.

Hello Seth,

Welcome to the Digi-Key Tech Forum.

We do have ISO7140CCDBQ available for purchase in the US but unfortunately there is no stock at the moment. You can place an order for it however there will be a lead time. The lead time is approximately 55 weeks.

Unfortunately we don’t have any good substitute or direct replacement currently in stock.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hi silver2row,

  1. For the ISO7140CCDBQ, you might consider the ADUM140E1BRQZ-RL7. It has the same pinout and similar specifications. Please verify specifications for suitability.

  2. Regarding the SM72485MM, it appears that there may be some factory stock (in the Texas Instruments warehouse, not in ours) which may be available to order. There would probably still be a significant lead time, but it may be much better than some of the other products currently out of stock. You can contact sales to inquire about this. Alternatively, if you need to get something built very soon, you might want to consider the following, which can also handle high input voltages similar to the SM72485. Both of these would require a redesign, as footprint and supporting components required would differ.

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@Irfan_Koric and @David_1528 , thank you for replying.

I will check TI or exchange out the ISO7140CCDBQ for, maybe, the ADUM140E1BRQZ-RL7.

Thank you again…