Alternate for obsolete transistor TN6717A

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I am looking for alternates for a TN6771A transistor . I need 2 for an 1970’s power supply regulator board. . any suggestions would be great.

Hello @tinkertime500

Welcome to Digi-Key’s TechForum and thank you for your inquiry. We are looking into this for you, but we are having trouble finding any information on that transistor. Do you have any of the specifications or any other information? An image of it would also help us with possibly finding an alternative to it.

I am mistaken the part is “tn6717a” Small signal bipolar transistor. 1.2A , 80V, NPN, To226.
I cannot find someone that will sell me a small quantity of them even if they stock them or an alternate, they do stock. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

TN6717A as TRANS NPN 80V 1.2A TO226-3 from Fairchild Semiconductor
is the original production device delivered as MARKETPLACE PRODUCT via Rochester Electronics from their stock available as direct substitute vs the requested Obsolete TN6717A also described as TRANS NPN 80V 1.2A TO226-3 from onsemi.
You can also try BC63916-D74Z that is another TRANS NPN 80V 1A TO92-3 from onsemi if this fits your design needs.