Obsolete transistor Replacement

Hi. I’m trying to replace a broken transistor from an Technics receiver. Its part number is 2SB621AQRSTA, which Digikey finds as an obsolete non-stock. It is used as a regulator for the 12V fan motor. Is there a good substitution? Pinout is ECB. Thanks.

Hi Roy,
Thank you for your inquiry. I have been searching and so far I have not come up with a good replacement.

Any pinout could be made to work.

As near I can tell, that would be a 50V PNP good for about an amp. KSA1281YTACT-ND would seem to me like an option worth trying.

Voltage regulation for a small fan isn’t usually a tight-spec sort of use case, so there’s a fair chance of getting decent results from most anything that’s close in terms of basic characteristics.

Okay, thanks for your help. I’ll check it out.