Anomalies on the lead finish of component


Sometimes, you may find that the lead finish of your component is not flawless. Anomalies may be observed on the lead finish if magnified by 200x or greater. Why is this?

  • Remark: Lead finish is the process of applying a coat of metal over the leads of a component to:
  1. protect the leads against corrosion
  2. protect the leads against abrasion
  3. improve the solderability of the leads
  4. improve the appearance of the leads

These anomalies may be testing scratches. The scratches are from test probes from the manufacturer’s ATE ( Automated Test Equipement ) indicating these parts have been tested 100% at the factory.

For surface finish quality inquiries, it is a pass/fail for solderability test. If solder wets to the surface, it would pass.