Application Note for Allegro A89301 BLDC driver

I am trying to use A89301 and am getting into rotor “lock” error. The datasheet is insufficient. It refers to an Application Note for the device, but I am unable to get it. It is some secret document?

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Hi @surabibio,

Hmmm, good question. I couldn’t find it either. I have put in a request on where to find it. I’ll let you know when I hear back. Best regards.

Since I’ve used the Allegro “Technical Resources” search engine a lot over that last decades I took a look. This result may be what you’re looking for:

Hi Paul, thanks for your effort.

This link is an error. This application note is for an older device A3930. I am trying to use their “Ultra-Quiet, Code-Free, FOC Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller” family. For this I could not get any other document other than the datasheet. Even the factory default EEPROM values have to be read from the device using the I2C interface!. It is nowhere publicly documented.


Ravi Ganesh

Bummer :frowning:

Allegro and Digi-Key are both great companies so I’m pretty sure @David_1528 will be able to get this sorted out for you.

And the A89301 and the just launched A89306 (400Hz RPM) are great devices. Only Allegro wants to target select customers which their innovation.

I was able to get the invaluable Application Note. Thanks Paul, David and Digikey.



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Can you send me an Application Note,Thank you

David should get you this. Meanwhile I thought this bitfield to C snippet file for the A89301 device might be useful. I hope Allegro includes such tools in their downloads in future to make life easy for us engineers.

Hi surabibio, Where did you get the Excel spreadsheet? Have you evaluated it completely? Would you mind sharing it?


Hi Paul,

I am also looking for the application note for the A89301.
Can you help me to get a copy?


Hi Evgeny,

I have sent it to you.

Best regards,

Got it. Thank you David.

Hi Paul

I could not find the A89301 application note either. Could you share this document with me?


Welcome to the forum.

I’m not the person who obtained the data sheet, by mentioning @David_1528 he should see this and help you out.

Here is the Application Note. (Hope I am not offending anybody by uploading this document)

And also the excel sheet I created to visualise the bit map fields (use it at your own risk)

A89301_Application_Note.pdf (3.0 MB)

A89301.txt (40.1 KB)
PS: rename the file as A89301.xlsm as macro enabled excel is not uploading.

Thank you surabibio