Are these sold as single switches or sold in packs

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I’m comparing the price for these switches on multiple sites. Most websites are selling them in packs of ten, as it appears that’s how Cherry ships the product. If I ordered one quantity of this item, would I receive a single switch or a single pack of some amount? It’s important because it would mean either Digikey is double the price of other sites, or Digikey is a fourth of the price of other sites. Either way this would be useful to know. Thank you in advance.

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With parts like that which are specifically targeted at the PC gamer market, general purpose distributors are almost never the lowest price source for tiny orders. So my assumption is it’s a single piece price.

One advantage of DigKey and other general purpose distributors who sell most to industry, is that you can be 100% certain they genuine Cherry switches, not the counterfeits which are often encountered at Amazon and other sites trying to attract gamers.


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It looks like we get these in a package of 450 from the manufacture.
We open the package, and sell these switches individually. So if you order a quantity of 1, you will get 1 switch.