How many is it per quantity. Says bulk for 1528-4958-ND

Here is the part number 1528-4958-ND. It’s the kailh switch mount. It says they have 38 in stock. But it says bulk. How many pieces are in 1 order. Like if i do quantity 1 how many do i get?

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According to the Adafruit website, this is a pack of 20, so when you order a qty of 1, you will get a bag of 20.

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Agreeing with Nate_McDowell, quantity 1=20 pieces. Digi-Key does break down factory packages to single bulk pieces sometimes, but this particular product can be verified by the little box next to quantity 1, indicating quantity 1 is standard manufacturer packaging (qty 20 which isn’t listed). I did request to have this quantity updated on our website, this should appear within a couple days.

2059-ZEUSAA-ND is another example with various quantities offered:
-Ordering quantity 40 is the standard manufacturer packaging for this example.