Question about Switch quantities per order

Hello! I’m brand new to the site, and to hobby electronics. So I’m making my first purchase, and was curious about two switch types that I’m looking at

  1. Switch one
  2. Switch two

These both are labled as ‘Bulk’ packages which is described as “Bulk refers to a package (usually a bag) of loose unorganized parts”
So I’m wondering, when I fill in the quantity to order for these specific parts, if I enter ‘1’ will I be ordering one switch, or one bag of switches?

The price seems to indicate that I’d be getting more than one switch, since it’s hard for me to believe that a single switch costs $9 or $12. But maybe that’s due to my inexperience!

Anyway, any guidance is well appreciated!

Hello harrisonallen, and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.

From what I see, it appears that the unit price for both of these products is in reference to a singular switch. So, ordering 1 would give you 1 switch.
The bulk packaging that is listed on the website would indicate how DigiKey receives the product from the manufacturer.