Ask part replacement

Hi friend,
Want to ask part replacement for NEC 12233766A
I check on website no have data sheet
Anybody know this part replacement?Thanks

What type of IC is NEC 12233766A actually?

Hello donnyhnd15 and welcome to the Digi-Key Tech Forum.

I was not able to locate much information on that IC other than its package of SOP20.
Since we don’t carry NEC products we don’t have any information on this IC. I tried to visit the NEC website to verify it and maybe get a data sheet and found nothing. I also tried other websites as well but there isn’t much information the actual specs of this part nor could I find the data sheet anywhere.

Can you provide any more information on this IC? Like the type of IC it is and its specs?


I don’t know actually type of ic and specification detail…but this ic is applicable use for antena diversity for bmw .may be specification detail.and data sheet is secret

Chances are that the IC is a proprietary part made specifically for BMW, and the part number is BMW’s designation. If that is the case, the only place to get the information, is BMW. Usually the OEMs will not give out the information.