Assistance required for 5 components

Hello and good morning.
I’m trying to identify and order the following 5 components for a pcb that runs on 5V 1A,
that is in a pulsating massage device.

  1. Blue capacitor?
    marked: 100
    Length about 5-6mm X 2mm
    Would you please assit finding a potentially compatible part please.

  2. transistor 4 legs
    marked: W23 16 BCP55
    Length about 6-7mm. X 6mm
    Potential match: I’m not sure what I chose here has the W23

  3. Black TVS?
    Marked: SMAJ 5.0A
    Length 5mm X 2mm
    Potential match:

  4. black and orange ?
    No markings, do you have any guess as to what it is? I’m not sure if its just a straight through wire that has orange protective coating and a black ring, and it conducts power with no resistance. Another identical peice on the pcb, also has 0 resistance and there was no short on that side of the board. Maybe I can just re-use it even though the orange coating is a bit cracked.

  5. Grey and Black Alum Capacitor
    Marked: 2l 100 25V
    Length 6-7mm x 6mm
    Potential match: EEH-ZA1E101XP Panasonic Electronic Components | Capacitors | DigiKey

For 1 and 4 I have no clue what to order

Would you say i have selected the correct parts for. 2, 3 & 5

Thank you for your time and assistance.

All 5 components

Picture of #2

Picture of #3

I think you found a good replacements for #2, #3 & #5.

#4 looks like a high current diode and the orange is just a glue intended to hold it or an adjacent component in place. (on poorly assembled products the glue can end up in weird places, often on the wrong components)

Given the amount of damage on the transistor, there is a rather low probability that those are the only dead parts in the system.

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Thank you for your reply,
Would you have a suggestion for. #1 the blue cap?
Any url you can share please?

And the transistor got damaged for a different reason than the surge. I take the blame for it, by not having a heat gun it wasnt easy to remove it.

Ill just replace it while I’m at it

Thank you.

Hello OrangeCircuit,

Based on the info provided you seem to have items 2, 3, and 5 figured out.
Unfortunately the blue cap is not easy to ID. The 100 could possibly stand for uF or pF or even nF value but it also be just a marking from the manufacturer on some internal code. Could you provide a better picture of it perhaps? Maybe zoomed in a bit more and from both side and front view?

The orange coating on the item 4 does look to be some kind of glue as Paul said, and it does look to be a diode also. If you have a better couple pic of this as well. Maybe try removing the orange coating on the rest of it before taking more pics?


Hi OrangeCircuit

#4 could alternatively be a ferrite bead (is it the “L2” next to “D18” on the PCB picture?)

Cheers, heke

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes #4 fits in the L2 slot
The black bead moves freely after removing the orange glue. I’m convinced it has zero resistance. Its just a wire with a bead as you say.

For #1. I’m. Baffled. I got everything else set in the cart, ready to order yet I’m stuck at this little blue mysterious component.
Do you notice, the squiggly drawing in Slot L4? It doesn’t look like the regular capacitor symbol. Is it even a cap?

Im adding some more pictures.

1 fits in slot L4

2 fits in slot 016

3 fits in slot D10 (right of L2)

4 fits in slot L2

5 fits in slot C25

Here are some surrounding points of interest:
Slot U5 marked: IL 1117C 3.3 A016
Slot D9 marked: rectifier KD SK56C.
Slot D4 marked: A6W 25.
Transfo yellow marking: 13125-3

I’m assuming that there has to be some kinda “educated guesstimation” that can be made from the combination of the above components.

The device is an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device that runs on 5V 1A.
And knowing that the EMS can be between 40-60V at very low Amps.

I would then wonder what material the cap would have to be made of if it is used for fast and slow bursts

And take a suggested type of caps that can fit the slot and start with the lowest farhad and go up from there ?.

“L” means it is an inductor of some sort. I haven’t use many inductors in my time so can’t speculate on type and value.

The ferrite bead, #4, is kind of a high frequency zero turn inductor which is why it is has an “L” reference designator. The orange glue keeps the bead from flopping around in shipping.


Make sure you test this repair on yourself first because you will not be able to check the safety to the manufacturers specifications. I don’t know enough details about these devices but it seems very possible that it can cause painful shocks and/or burns if you get component values or tolerances wrong.

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As noted previously 1 possibly being an inductor I have searched 100uh parts near that size and unfortunately I did not find any in stock.

The parts I have located as possible options:
Part number 2510-72K
Datasheet -
Part Number 2512-104K
Datasheet -



The blue thing resembles TDK’s NL-series inductor (10uH). Likely an “equivalent”.

Cheers, heke.


Wow. That’s amazing!! You rock!! Thank you

Amazing work everyone.

The aliexpress link got me to confirm the specs… so it is a 1812 smd 10uH 250mA. 1.6 Omh

Then i looked up digi… and found this (obsolete) link

That had links to similar and found one perfect specs match, IN STOCK !!! :slight_smile:

Amazing team work.

Thank you everyone


Good evening everyone. I just wanted to circle back with some good success news. It worked!! Thank you for all your help.

I really need a souldering heat gun. It was very tricky to resoulder such small components.

Thanks again.
See you at the next project?

Take care.


Tested on myself :saluting_face: I’m alive and writing :slight_smile:


Glad to here it’s up and running. We appreciate when forum users post their project results, thanks!! For the future if your interested here is a link to our heat gun selection .