Atmel ICE debugger issue

Dear All,

We have purchased the Atmel ICE debugger recently to program and debug SAM4CMP MCU.

firstly, I tried the debugger with Atmel SAME70 Xplained board connected through SWD
with both Atmel studio and IAR and both of them are working properly downloading, erasing and “debugging”.

Secondly, for use with our custom board based on SAM4CMP8 MCU:
Steps I followed:
1- Connectivity:
1.1- I used the “50-mil 10-pin mini-squid cable with 10 x 100-mil sockets” to make sure am connecting each pin correctly to its corresponding pin on my MCU.
1.2- I used SWD port connection pins as described in the Atmel ICE User Guide.
2- IDE: I used two IDEs:
2.1 - IAR: I adjusted the debugger option in the project to use CMSIS-DAP and SWD as the used port.
2.2 - Atmel studio: Using the SWD port, It can identify the debugger and upgraded its FW once I opened the Atmel studio.

3- The result:
3.1- When using IAR, It doesn’t respond i.e. I can’t download, erase or debug the FW– attached the debug log from the IAR.
3.2- When using Atmel studio: I can read the chip ID, the target voltage, erase the flash on the MCU, and program it correctly. But I can’t debug the code at all. It says that the MCU has gone into a deep sleep and it needs a flash erase to enable using it again.
3.3- I can’t use either IAR or Atmel studio with JTAG port selected and JTAG pins connected at all.

Kindly, I need your advice.


IAR_Debug_Log_cspycomm.log (2.1 KB)

Hi @allam, can you share your JTAG section of your custom board’s schematic? I’m wondering if you have the RESET line connected?

I found a similar post on Atmel’s forum:

It might be related…