Availability or Replacement for MG Chemicals 834FRB


I searched for potting material with low viscosity and still CTI rated (with a CTI rating of >=400) and found 834FRB on the manufacturer’s datasheet (MG Chemicals). However, I see that on Digikey and Mouser, the item is shown as Obsolete. What does it mean? Does it mean that the material is obsolete or only that specific packaging of the item is obsolete?
Also, in case it is obsolete, could you please let me know if there is any direct replacement for it (or any other one you would think of)?

Thank you,

Hamid, Obsolete means the manufacture had stopped making this product.
I did not find a replacement for this. I also searched many different datasheets, and I did not find one that even had a CTI listing.

Hi Hamid,

Thank you for contacting the TechForum. This particular package style is obsolete, below may be replacement package styles according to manufacturer. We may be able to special order quote these from the manufacturer, lead-time and minimum order quantity may apply.

Catalog Number Sizes Packaging
834FRB-3L 2.55 L (0.68 gal) 3 Can kit
834FRB-60L 60 L (16 gal) 3 Pail kit

Below are the most similar options to consider that we have in stock, however please review datasheets prior to ordering as they have some differences from the original:
Click here for options 473-1409-ND | 473-1410-ND