B020-U08-19-K no control from Mouse\keyboard on any computer

After a power outage, the mouse/keyboard no longer work. esc, space bar no effect because it isn’t taking anything from the keyboard. Plugging a mouse/keyboard directly into an attached computer works.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I do not see anything at all on the data sheet. Did you have this plugged into a UPS ? I am wondering if something got damaged due to the surge it might have received. Depending on what caused the power outage and this could have gotten some damage. I found the owners manual . On page 4 under number 11, there is a reset button. This might help. They do more of an explantion of the reset on the nex page.

Tripp-Lite-Owners-Manual-754999.pdf (1.3 MB)

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Hi Verna,
Thanks for the reply.
my mistake the one with issues is a B040-008-19

Sorry about that. Though it should be very similar for the reset. Did you get the Manual when you purchesed the product? There should be a guide on how to do it. Otherwise if the reset does not work and it was not in a UPS or surger surpressor, it very well could be damaged.

Hi Verna,
It was on UPS that failed and everything went off. Not sure where the user manual is for this one. There’s not one online?

I do not see one either. Per the website they provide you with a quick start guide:


It appears it should have shipped with information like the quick start guide. I would try to find the reset on the one you have and do the instruction per the manual I did provide. This would switch it back to factory settings. If this does not reset this , it might have gotten damaged. Now for the UPS that failed, you need to contact the company that made that part. There could be a claim you can make to them.