Sabertooth 2x25

Sabertooth worked fine when installed and run for 5 minutes. Then it stuck on high speed and I had to reverse to slow it down enough to disconnect the power. When I tried to use it again I had no power to either motor? Status1 blue light is on solid. No red error lights? I also tried changing all of the dip switched with no results.


I assume you’re referring to this product, correct?

What I would guess occurred is that for some reason, the output stage of the device experienced a short-circuit failure, resulting in the apparent loss of control described. Depending on the design of design of the device (info on which doesn’t seem to be readily available) it would be possible for the system’s power side apparatus to experience a complete failure while the input/control side of things remains oblivious to the fact, and keeps the status light lit.

Hi Rick. Yes that is the one. What can I do to remedy this problem?

Fair question. Assuming the described lack of function does indeed indicate a damaged device, the ultimate answer will likely be “buy another one” at some point, though repair may be an option for those suitably skilled and equipped.

It’d be nice though, to understand the underlying cause of the problem lest you end up blowing up the replacement also. A thorough description of the setup and operation at the time of failure might help cast some light on things toward that end. Lacking a schematic and having never seen one of those before though, I can’t offer much comment specific to this particular device.

As an aside - this is a non-stock part and we haven’t sold one in over 2 years. Probably didn’t come form here.

Ok I’m confused. This is a new item I purchased that I’m assuming you are the US distributor for? Are you not the one I should be contacting to get a refund, replacement or repair??? There is a year warranty on this item and I used it 5 minutes. Please direct me to someone who can warrant this Sabertooth 2x25. Thank you

Customer service/warranty requests should be processed through whichever channel you purchased the product. If purchased from Digi-Key, you may request a return online by logging into your myDIGIKEY user account or by contacting a customer service representative.