My gate motor

Hi i am new to the forum, i am actually having an issue with a 220v gate motor, where i used a seco larm transmitter with two remotes, i hooked it up properly, the relays on the board are clicking along with both LED’s but there is no motor movement. Is there a way i can test the motor wothout the main board just for clarification?. I would appreciate any info. Thanks in advance, Andrew Gittens

Wiring up 220V directly to the motor would let you know if it’s working. Take caution.

Are you sure the SECO-Larm Receiver can handle 220VAC? I just checked the manual on a couple of units, they max out at 120VAC.

If that’s the case you need to use the receiver relay to switch on another beefier relay.

For wiring up the secondary relay I would follow the wiring for this typical application replacing the door strike with the coil of a 12VDC operated relay.

Yes the seco larm works in a 12volt, and the main board of the motor accomodates a 12volt supply. So i just want to rule out that the motor is functional. But i never did it, so thats why i am asking for the wiring info to test the motor by itself. There are only three wires coming off the motor

Whats the part/model number of that motor?

Let me check, will get back to you shortly

Hi the sticker that came with the gate motor was torn off.The operating voltage is 220v with a 22uf capacitor.I have attached some pictures.

Your photo is hazy. Could you please list your wire colors?

Hi the colors are blue, brown black. The blue and brown are the capacitor wires.

Black is going to be Neutral.

Switching between Blue and Brown wires are how you reverse direction of the motor. Only wire one of them up at a time. Connect Line to one of those wires while testing.

But I wouldn’t take my word for this, you’re going to want to either track down the wiring diagram for that motor, consult with someone familiar with wiring these or a licensed electrician.

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Does anyone have a schemztic diagram for this gate motor control board. I tested the motor and its working fine in both directions. The problem is when power is connected, there isn’t any power going to the three wires that goes to the motor.

Please provide some identifying information, we can take a look to see if the manufacturer has a manual available.