Backshell for 854A006-103RLS4

I am looking to attach a 854A006-103RLS4 connector to a cable but need a strain relief. Is there one available? This is from the Norcomp Vulcon series 6 pin male M8 connector.

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We do not list a strain relief for this connector. I checked on the manufacture’s website, and they did not list a strain relief for the connector. I believe these are designed to be overmolded, after it’s attached to a cable. The only solution I can think of, would be to use a piece of heatshrink tubing as a strain relief.

Thanks that is what I was thinking. It is kind of odd documentation as to the use case for this device. I do not see any other type of solution for this connector. Basler has picked this connector for power and I/O for their ace 2 cameras which is our use case.