NorComp drawing no. 854AV06-10TRLS4

Is there a cross part for NorComp drawing no. 854AV06-10TRLS4? Any recommendation will be appreciated. I can’t seem to find this item.

M8 Male Cable Mount Solder Cup 6 position W/V-Key Hybrid

I was able to find the drawing inquired about at the following link:

Image snipped from aforementioned document.

Image snipped from aforementioned document.

I do have to apologize as I do not see that we do have an alternate to this in the system. In the image above you will see the pin configuration has a 92° angle from pin one to pin two.

We do have products that at first glance will look similar, but the difference is apparent when looking at the drawing. They have a 120° angle between pins 3 and 4. I would recommend making sure that this is not the connector you are looking for. If it is, that is great, if it isn’t it looks like it would be a special order from the supplier.


NorComp Inc.

Data Sheet

I do hope this helps!