MIL SPEC Circular connector

Need assistance finding this flanged panel mount circular connector on square metal box ( Apprx. 26.19mm x 29.11 mm). No markings, believe it’s of German origin.
12 pins out the front with solder cups on the back for 22-26 AWG wire.
Pin pattern is 4 row pattern of 2 - 3 - 4 - 3
Approximately 22.33 mm long with 21.47 OD on tube. Tube has raised threads and a rubber type O-ring. Flange is 25 mm x 25 mm with rounded corners and 4 holes apprx 19.25 mm apart.


Hello pearsonjosephs,

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Thanks for that thorough description. That was most helpful.

I found 1178-BTY-1712-12P1D-ND which looks to have that 2-3-4-3 orientation and is the only one with solder cup termination that comes with contacts already in the shell housing. Unfortunately it seems that some of the dimensions are minutely off from what you’ve given as per the data sheet for a 12 size shell on this.
BTY-17XX-XXXX.pdf (

Some other in stock options are in link below:

However most of these are crimp termination.

Unfortunately we cannot filter by dimensions easily. Each data sheet would have to be visited to verify the dimensions of the desired pin orientation and number.

Hope that helps.