Backup Datasheets - HTML Versions

There are several cases where part numbers have broken datasheet links. Whether it be a missing document (error 404), the domain where the datasheet exists is experiencing server problems, the web address for the company changes making old links break, or some other technical problem it can be difficult to find a replacement datasheet. There is a quick solution for several parts (not all parts have this on their part pages): HTML datasheets. Let’s look at an example part: ARF1038-ND; 31-223. For whatever reason, the URLs for the two main datasheets can’t be reached. There are two HTML copies of the datasheet on the part page under “Documents and Media”, these are official copies that are stored on our end and will function if you click on the links. These are updated along with any changes the manufacturer makes to PDFs. This is the first place to check if the other datasheet links are broken as these are not tied to the manufacturer URLs. If there are no HTML datasheets and/or the links aren’t working, please let us know on the forum or email us at so we can get a working copy.